Overprime Patch notes.

OverPrime patch notes v.1.0.7.c  (October 19th 2020)


Overall changes

  • Changed Hero names for halloween party.
  • P2P matches enabled

Hero mechanism Changes and Fixes

  • Gadget

Hero Balance

  • Robin
  • R (Ultimate): Duration changed to 7.0/8.0/9.0 sec
  • R (Ultimate): Ability damage changed to 10%/15%/20%
  • Carnage
  • Q: Damage changed to 80/150/220/290
  • Poison Ivy
  • Q: Damage changed to 50/70/90/110
  • Cronos
  • E: Casting range changed to 1300
  • Master Wu
  • RMB: Casting range changed to 1000
  • Thanatos
  • Q: Damage changed to 60/80/100/120


  • Cherry temper
  • Now grants 30% critical chance
  • BloodMordius
  • Changed name to Bloody Cape

Lobby Menu

  •  Removed Shop/Inventory category. Those features are not supported yet and made players confused.

Client changes

  •  Improved System stability : We noticed there were certain bugs crashing matches . We fixed some of those major issues and are expecting the game to be much more stable than before.


  • Added halloween event contents (e.g. Jungle creeps are now skeletons)

OverPrime patch notes v.1.0.7.a  (September 27th 2020)


Overall changes

  • Reverted heroes’ stats to 1.0.6.a
  • Now camera zoom is adjustable from settings menu

Hero mechanism Changes and Fixes

  • Gadget
  • RMB: Fixed a bug where the drone would get stuck when cast uphill

[Shipped on 1.0.7.a] Server Related Bugs

  • Server Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where a player could be fined with 100+ escapes and get spammed with emails about it
  • FIxed a bug that could cause the server to be heavily loaded
  • Fixed matchmaking  sort algorithm. It used to not work properly if the party consisted of a smaller party (e.g. a single player and a party of 2). It worked correctly if the party was full of single players.
  • Fixed that servers didn’t handle players who didn’t join a game before drafting. -
  • Fixed a bug where a player would get a popup saying they are part of an ongoing match that has already finished.
  • 1.After finishing game properly ( the core is destroyed )
  • 2.When the game canceled due to leavers while drafting.
  • 3.When the game canceled due to some players missing before draft

OverPrime patch notes v.1.0.7  (September 24th 2020))


Overall changes

  • When the Prime Helix is spawned there will be a camera shake globally.
  • You can selectively adjust the amount of camera shake for auto-attacking with ADC heroes.
  • Zoom while activating a skill will give you a more immersive game experience.
  • Monolith: Many invisible walls were fixed
  • Auto-attacks for ADCs are now segmental hitscan as opposed to one-time hitscan (before). Shooting should be more intuitive.
  • Towers will not receive ability damage.
  • Speed buff/debuff will be displayed with a special effect on the hero's lower body.
  • Shield is no longer displayed as a sphere around the hero but as a semi-transparent white film hugging the hero..
  • Prime helix will get stronger each time it spawns.
  • Fangtooth will now give you stacks.
  • You’ll get more stacks and longer buff time.
  • Stacks will be added to present teammates.
  • Buffs will last for a certain amount of time.
  • Minions will be executed if they drop below 20% of their max HP.
  • You’ll see only the first character of the user's Nickname in the game lobby.

Hero mechanism Changes and Fixes

  • Gadget
  • Gadget has been added to the game

  • Skill arming state animation
  • This feature allows characters to do a specific animation while they’re about to cast certain skills.
  • Example : Kallari now raises her hand up with a knife before throwing it.
  • Some specific examples:
  • While the player is deciding the AOE for a skill. e.g. Gideon’s Meteor (Q)
  • While the player is aiming a skill. e.g. Kallari’s Crippling Dagger (RMB).
  • While the player is deciding on a target to cast the ability on cast. e.g. Countess’ Shadow Slip (Q).

  • Boris
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Boris Ultimate wouldn’t land to the designated area

  • The Fey
  • Bramble Patch (Q): Slowing is applied immediately upon touching it, but damage is applied with 1 second delay
  • Bramble Patch (Q): Now, it will slow enemy heroes and minions who step in it (Even after it has been placed).
  • Bramble Patch: Now, it’s placed on animation completion and not on mouse click(i.e. you can change the AOE until the animation has finished)

  • Murdock
  • M3 Shotgun (LMB): No longer will make enemies fly off when they get shot on a slope
  • Shots Fired (E): Now it has a cooldown of 3 seconds (still a passive, it just isn’t ON all the time)
  • Shots Fired (E): Fixed a bug where you could hear it globally

  • Steel
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Steel’s ultimate wouldn’t land to the designated area

  • Khaimera
  • Ambush(RMB): It is now target-lock based.  It chases the enemy once casted.
  • Can be also casted on minions
  • Unleash (Q) is changed:
  • Ruler no longer enhances it (it used to grant 3 extra seconds duration)
  • Once casted, Khaimera will auto attack 6 times ( you had to press your mouse to make your khaimera attack before. but it attacks automatically )
  • No longer grants you attack speed. Instead Khaimera will attack 6 times at max speed.
  • Spirit Regeneration (E): Health bonus stacks are capped will following the formula: Stack Cap=15+5*skill_level. With this change Khaimera should not be able to solo Orb Prime very early in the game.
  • Stack Cap = 15 + 5 * skill level

  • Feng Mao
  • Imperial Sentence (R): Added AOE decal..

  • Gideon
  • Black Hole (R): Added AOE decal.

  • Narbash
  • Crash Bang Boom (R): Added AOE decal.

  • Sevarog
  • Sevarog’s shoulder pads now grow with soul stacks gained.

  • Twinblast
  • Fixed voice lines for Q and RMB, where they used to be flipped

  • Belica
  • Seismic Assault (Q): No longer has infinite reach. It is however taller than jumping distance, so heroes can’t avoid it by just jumping.


  • Sparrow
  • Inner Fire (R): Now deals damage at a cone area. Furthermore, the animation in “ult” mode has been changed to hold the bow sideways.

Client Changes

  • In-Game Chat Box
  • Players can only communicate with other team members and not with the opponent team (no global chat)
  • Match Browser
  • Granted name section more space to avoid some situations where the name section would overlap with the KDA section
  • MVP screen is back
  • MVP screen is now the default screen.
  • Matchmaking
  • The number of players in the queue (and the update timer) will no longer be displayed as it was misleading to the actual number of players playing the game at any given time, which is bigger than the number of players in the queue.
  • User Profile Browser
  • Changed ‘ Last date played ‘ to ‘ Last login date ‘
  • A unique number (ID) for each player will be displayed under their Nickname 
  • Item shop
  • Icons for the ingredient items are now being displayed again

  • Screen attached Particles
  • Fixed particle effects that would be displayed in the wrong position when the camera was moving (e.g. Travel mode and deciding-AOE mode for some heroes, like Sevarog)

  • Added Fangtooth notification
  • Same as Prime Guardian, when Fangtooth is spawned a notification will be displayed to the right of the screen to “Kill Fangtooth”

  • Added HUD Icons for Prime guardian’s and Fangtooth’s location
  • There will be icons on your screen to indicate the location of Prime Guardian and Fangtooth.

  • River buffs
  • River buffs will give special buffs (Red / Invisibility) plus 30 mana per second for 5 secs.

  • Hero selection lobby
  • Icons added to indicate to your teammates what role you want to play
  • You can see your teammates’ and opponents’ community level as part of their character portrait
  • In-game HUD
  • Now both players and spectators can toggle HUD and Health Bars with Num /, Num * Key.

Server Changes

  • Bug : MatchMaking Restrictions
  • Found a bug that the server is restricting players from queuing when everytime players login. they had no restriction before they logout, but as soon as they login they had restriction.

  • Fixed a bug where the Last login Date and Time wouldn’t update correctly

  • Many stability improvements

Server and Client Changes

  • Friend System (BETA)
  • Friend system added. It’s in its early stages so there might be some bugs:
  • You’ll receive notifications for the following events, regarding your friends:
  • When your friend goes online/offline
  • When you receive a friend request from a player
  • When someone has accepted your friend request.
  • When someone has denied your friend request.
  • Overall Friend System
  • Friend menu is available on the lobby menu. The respective button is located next to the mailbox button.
  • If you have a request that another player has sent you, a red dot icon will be displayed on the friend button.
  • Currently players will have 50 slots for friends, with friend requesting also taking up slots. (e.g. If you have 40 friends and 10 friend requests, you won’t be able to receive any more requests)
  • When you browse other players’ profiles, you can also do friend-related things like adding/removing/sending requests.
  • The friend menu contains the following information.
  • Number of online / total friends
  • Friend requests received : It shows a list of users who want to be your friend. You can accept deny those requests
  • Friend requests sent : It shows a list of the users that you sent a friend request . You can cancel the request from here.
  • Online friends : It shows a list of your friends who are online.
  • Offline friends : It shows a list of your friends who are offline. With Their approximate last login time
  • If a friend is online you can see the state they are in, depending on what they’re doing:
  • Matchmaking: when your friend is on the matchmaking queue.
  • Spectating: when your friend is spectating a game.
  • Playing with level (n) (character) : when your friend is playing a game, displaying the hero level and hero name. ( note. this isn’t updated real time )
  • In the lobby : when your friend is sitting on the lobby page.

  • Party System (BETA)
  • Party system has been added. It is still in its early stage so there might be some bugs
  • Party system allows you to group up and play with your group when you join matchmaking.
  • You can’t play a custom lobby game with your party. For that you can still use the “request team change” button
  • Limitations for when you are in a party,
  • 1. You can’t open a listen server ( custom user lobby )
  • 2. You can’t join another lobby via lobby browser.
  • 3. You can’t start matchmaking unless you're the party master.
  • MatchMaking : When you’re in party,
  • 1. Only the party master can start matchmaking. non-master players can’t start their matchmaking queue.
  • 2. When your party is in the matchmaking queue, any other party member can stop it by pressing the X button at the bottom right.
  • 3. Your party must be full of active users to start queuing. Meaning, you can’t start queuing if you have a pending party invitation that hasn’t been accepted/rejected
  • 4. If some of the party members have a restriction (ban or otherwise) the party can’t join matchmaking
  • 5. If some of your party members refuse to accept a matchmaking queue, all members of your party will be dropped out from the matchmaking queue. members who refuse will get restricted from having a matchmaking queue for a while.
  • 6. If any member of the party stops the matchmaking queue, the other members will get a notification message about it.
  • 7. If any member of the party refuses to accept the matchmaking queue, other members will get a notification message about it.
  • Kicking : For kicking players from the party,
  • 1. Only the party master can kick other party members
  • 2. Can’t kick a player while your party is in matchmaking queue
  • Invitation : For inviting players to the party,
  • 1. Only the party master can send an invitation.
  • 2. You can’t send party invitations to players who are already in another party.
  • 3. You can’t send a party invitation to a player who is on the matchmaking queue.
  • 4. You can only send party invites to players from your friends list.
  • 6. If you send an invitation to a random player, the player will take your party seat until they accept/deny your request. There is no time limitation for accepting/rejecting party invites. you can also cancel the request anytime.

  • When you got invitation from other player :
  • 1. You can accept/reject it from the friends list in the lobby page
  • 2. There is a toggleable option that makes the friend list automatically pop out everytime you receive a party invitation. Default is on
  • 3. You can’t press the accept button while you’re in the matchmaking queue.
  • If you are the party leader you can appoint another party member to be the new party leader. You can’t do that if you are in matchmaking queue

  • Leaving from hero pick menu penalty
  • Players who leave at any time of the matchmaking process will get time-restriction penalties (it used to be that only players who left during the drafting phase would be penalized):
  • Hero picks
  • Hero drafting
  • MMR auto balancing
  • Waiting for other players (matchmaking queue)
  • Tactics phase
  • Ban heroes phase
  • In Game Chat System (BETA)
  • The Game Chat System allows players to chat with other players, directly, within the game

  • Things You can do on chat box
  • Reading/Writing chat message
  • Checking how many players are on chat channel and what are their nicknames
  • Browsing other’s profiles.
  • By doing this, you can also send friend requests to them.
  • You Can also send private messages ( whisper ) to a member.

  • RedDot : Shows number of unread chat messages
  • On the Chat button on the lobby menu, it will have a red dot showing the total number of unread messages.

  • Other Things
  • Toggleable ‘ Auto Scroll ‘ checkbox scrolls chat list to the bottom automatically upon receiving a new message
  • Everyone will have 3 seconds “cooldown” between messages to prevent spamming in any chat channels ( World , Party , whisper , Previous Game and etc…. )
  • You are only allowed to write a maximum of 100 characters when chatting.
  • If you get chat banned you can still use the chat system but you won’t be able to write, for the duration of the ban.

  • Type A : World Chat
  • Available on lobby menu
  • Once you login into overprime, you will be redirected to a random world chat channel.
  • Currently each chat channel can handle 100 players
  • Max capacity can be changed anytime.
  • You will receive a chat message from another random member as soon as they chat.
  • You have the ability to change world chat channel code. This means you can create your own world chat channel with your custom number. or join another chat channel.
  • Numbers between 1 ~ 50,000,000 are allowed for code
  • You won’t be receiving any chat messages when you are in a game.

  • Type B : Party Chat
  • Will be provided as soon as you make/join to party
  • Each party will have their own party chat channel.
  • Party chat is also available on the lobby menu. The chat box on the lobby will have a separate category button to allow you to switch categories between world and party chat.

  • Type C : Whisper chat
  • Will be provided as soon as you try to send a private message to any of your friends
  • Currently you can only whisper to your friend only.
  • You can only whisper to a friend who is online. Sending a whisper message to an offline friend will not work.

  • Type D : Previous Game Chat
  • Will be provided as soon as your game is finished.
  • This allows you and other players to chat with each other after the match has ended.

OverPrime patch note v.1.0.6.a  (17/July/2020)


Overall changes

  • Monolith map is optimized - Will be similar to Legacy.

Bug fixes

  • Monolith have many holes and missing points.
  • Timer in scoreboard is incorrect.
  • Severe frame drop on burning screen effect (Serath/Countess/Rampage) -> Will add optimized effect later. Turned off for better performance.

New Features

  • More aspect ratios are supported - 16:10 and 21:9 are supported.
  • View distance can be adjusted from options menu.
  • VSync can be switched to on/off.
  • Crosshair is adjustable.

Client Changes

  • Battle Lobby
  • Fixed timer is not decreasing on your screen while tactics time.
  • Login Menu
  • Some graphical Improvements
  • Now shows ‘ Caps locked ‘ message when your keyboard is caps locked.
  • Recent Match Browser
  • Recent Match Browser still was ‘ Rev.1 ‘ version, now its changed to ‘ Rev.2 ‘ version, which is same browser window you got when you try to browse old match history.
  • If somehow your client doesn’t know ID of the recent match, you will get ‘ Rev.1 ‘ version.
  • Match Making Menu
  • Num of approx users in each region will be automatically updated for every 1  minute and 30 seconds
  • Mail System
  • Added Red Dot Icon on mailbox button
  • Mails now have category on it.
  • If you have any mail unread, mailbox will show its red dot icon on its button. to make player know they have unread mail.
  • Client now have ability to receive mail dynamically.
  • Removed MMR related sentence on MatchMaking Menu.
  • Since we don’t support ranked match yet, Normal Match also changes MMR.
  • Some information on lobby screen removed.
  • Some information like Num users online , match played and etc removed.
  • You can still check approx numbers of users in matchmaking queue on matchmaking menu.
  • Conduct Summary Report popup.
  • Once server sends generated report and you click confirm button, it should not be displayed again after you finish one more match. but it was. now fixed.
  •  Random hero Pick advantage
  • The bonus card point when player select hero randomly was 3. now its changed to 1.
  • Ban pick mode is currently disabled as default.
  • You can still enable ban pick mode while creating listen server ( user lobby )
  • This also means dedicated servers by matchmaking also got it disabled.

Server Changes

  • AWS Servers
  • Moved AP - SouthEast server to AP - NorthEast.
  • Added Capacity for US - East
  • System Auto ban / restrictions
  • All procedure below will be executed by server automatically.
  • Please note that each condition can be changed anytime without announcement
  • System may send mail to proper users to let them know about restrictions.
  • ※ Chat Ban
  • When player receives too much report about cuss word(aggressive speech) report , system will chat ban target.
  • We are not sharing how many report is required to ban someone.
  • To get unbanned from chat ban, You need to finish extra 5vs5 match for specific times.
  • While chat banned. You can’t input any message in game, including draft menu.
  • You can still see others message.
  • Sending ping like ‘ on my way to right lane! ‘ is still allowed for chat ban users.
  • Server will send Mail when you chat banned / unbanned.
  • ※ Matchmaking Restriction.
  • Once you deny or forget to press accept button when match is ready, you will get restriction.
  • If you don’t have deny counter, we give you one chance to avoid this. We are doing this because lot of things can be happen while waiting matchmaking queue.
  • Once you used that chance above, server will restrict you from finding matchmaking queue when you deny it.
  • restriction delay will be increased if you keep deny extra matchmaking queue.
  • ※ Escaping
  • Escaping from Game will also restrict you from playing any games.

OverPrime patch note v.1.0.6  (10/July/2020)


Overall changes

  • Singapore dedicated server is on-line!
  • Monolith map is added:
  • Matchmaking will use Monolith map as default map.
  • Travel mode is blocked in Monolith.
  • User can still play Legacy_Agora (with travel mode available).

Bug fixes

  • Ranged characters shoot to ground when aiming no target.

New Features

  • River buff on Monolith map.
  • Will give Red/Blue/Invisibility buff randomly.
  • Jump pad on Monolith map.
  • Jump pad will give short movespeed buff.
  • Jump pad will be destroyed when each (L/R) side T2 is destroyed.

Server/Client changes

  • Improved Match Browser - BETA
  • Added several things to be recorded after match is finished and available at Match Browser, which is available on your profile page and clicking random match history.
  • Legacy match without informations will be displayed without information.
  • Overview
  • Basically shows all users in game with their hero, KDA, minion kills, damage, inventories.
  • Clicking User Icon will redirect you into their profile page.
  • Also provides extra information like time for first blood and first tower destruction.
  • Overview: Team Objective Map
  • This shows the state of team objectives before game finishes.
  • Does not count respawned inhibitors.
  • Overview (with Timeline)
  • Basically, this is clone version of overview menu above, but has timeline slider and not banned hero list.
  • You can scroll the slider and see the moment. these are available list.
  • Kills, Deaths and Inventory for each User.
  • Team Objective State.
  • History of Skill Trees
  • This shows step of learning skill for every players.
  • List of banned heroes
  • Periodic Advantage Graph Chart
  • This shows the team advantage gap recorded during gameplay.
  • All informations will be recorded every 2 minutes during gameplay.
  • Gap of total character level / total cardpoints / total skill / total creep score are available.
  • Major History Sorted by Timeline
  • This contains some major events
  • Player Kill : When player kill others. contains victim and assisters.
  • Building Destruction : When team’s building like tower destroyed.
  • Building Health : Records history of HP of building for every 20%
  • Player Leveling : When player’s level reached every 5 level.
  • Orb Related : killing Guardian , dunk , stealing orb buff.
  • Connection State : When Player join/disconnect.
  • Periodic Gold Gap : Shows gold gap between team recorded periodic.
  • Periodic Level Gap : Shows level gap between team recorded periodic.
  • Periodic Kill Gap : Shows kill gap between team recorded periodic.
  • Learning Skill History : Shows steps of learning skill.
  • Inventory History : Shows history of inventory changes.
  • Surrender Vote History : Shows its starting/ending.
  • [Server] Now Matches played on listen server ( user lobby ) Will NOT change MMR.
  • Since we released our Servers on ASIA/EU/US, please play games on those server if you want your MMR be changed.
  • Listen server ( user lobby ) will be like, ‘use-map’. which is unofficial game. good to test things out quickly/having fun with your friend, etc.
  • [Server] InGame Mail Service - BETA
  • On Lobby Screen , You can open your mailbox clicking button right-top saying ‘ MailBox ‘.
  • Mail list that unread will have small red-dot icon on left-top.
  • Mail list that didn’t checked its whole message will contain limited messages.
  • if mail expires its expiration date, the mail will be deleted and won’t be available.
  • You have button to delete mail.
  • Currently you can’t send mail to any other user. you will be getting mail from server system.
  • Your mail will be loaded from server when you login. Currently there are no way to refresh mail list from server in-game.
  • Might consider to send mail dynamically on your in-game screen.
  • We haven’t decided what things should be notified via mail.
  • [Server] Drafting on Dedicated Servers will be temporarily disabled.
  • Everyone forced to do draft on dedicated servers before. but we got lot of opinion saying it takes so much time so we temporarily disabled it.
  • Sooner or later, we are going to enable this again.\
  • [Server/Client] Added Match Browser.
  • Match browser is available on Lobby Menu -> Community Tab -> Match Browser.
  • On the match browser, you can put Match ID of match which you wish to find. and if you put valid number. your screen will show history of the match.
  • [Server/Client] Added Hero Ban Rank Browser
  • Ban Rank Browser allows player to see ranking of banned heroes.
  • Data will be calculated from recently played match data.
  • Data will be re-calculated every day.
  • [Server/Client] Hero Win Rate Browser
  • Win rate rank browser allows player to see ranking of win rate of each heroes.
  • Data will be calculated from recently played match data.
  • Data will be re-calculated every day.
  • [Server/Client] Improved Match Making Screen
  • Changed way to matchmaking. now click ‘ play ‘ button located top side.
  • Removed ‘ Play Overprime ‘ button right bottom.
  • Match Making Screen will now show approx latency between you and its server, so you can choose what region you should choose and play.
  • Match Making Screen will now show approx users in each region queue, but note that the number of user will not be updated in real time.

[Server] Bug Fixes

  • Fixed that creating listen server (user lobby) doesn’t getting additional informations from server.
  • Fixed that finishing game on listen server which isn’t registered on lobby browser doesn’t record its match history.
  • Fixed that sometimes server return error code that instance hit its limitation while match making.
  • Tried to fix sometimes player was unable to accept matchmaking queue and get time penalty. This need to be tested.

[Server] Small Changes

  • MatchMaking waiting delay changed to 20 seconds ( was 10 seconds ).

Overprime patch note 1.0.5.e

Overall changes

★ Dedicated servers are on-line!

■ 2 in EU (Frankfurt x 2)

■ 1 in NA (North Virginia x 1)

■ Number of servers will be adjusted following number of players in each region.

★ Dedicated servers(AWS) matches are fixed to 5 vs 5

★ EU Tournament champion’s characters are in the welcome screen. GG Team Carbon!

Bug fixes

  • Sell block message pops up in host’s window.
  • Serath don’t engauge skill Q when there is no enemy in the selected area.

New Features

  • Automated machine ban feature is almost done.
  • Server will detect leavers and block them from join/create game for certain time.
  • Observer, press H for show key bindings
  • Client names are hidden except first character.
  • Now, pressing ‘ Enter ‘ key after writing your password on login screen will start verification. before this you had to move your mouse cursor and click login button.

■[Server] Fixed that Game without autobalance mode changes MMR / Rank.

  • Games without autobalance mode should not change MMR / Rank.

■[Server] Fixed that Server concerns player who left while waiting other players.

  • This makes server to concern players who left before actual game. adding match history or changes MMR.
  • Server had features to prevent this before. but seems broken again.

■[Server] Server will send message after you finished playing match

  • If you played match without autobalance mode, server will send message saying your MMR won’t be changed because you played game on server without auto balance mode on.

■[Server] Server now log player who escaped while drafting.

  • Leaving game while drafting crashes the game. crashing game is what we intended. and There also habitual/notorious player intend to crash drafting
  • So we managed server to log player who crashed the draft, there will be additional action to punish the players.
  • Leaving game while drafting will also increase ‘ escape count ‘ on your profile. ( but MMR is not decreasing )

■[Server/Client] Conduct Summary Report - BETA

  • After Update, Some Activities will be recorded and server will send them to your screen if contains enough information to make report.
  • Currently server requires you play 10 matches to gather informations.
  • After finishing 10th match, you go back to lobby, and the report popup will be displayed. and you should click ‘ Okay ‘ Button to close it and not to make it displayed again on next match(login).
  • Once server generates report, it will start gathering next 10 match data to make brand new one.
  • If you have unread summary report, it will be displayed after you logining game.
  • Server will make report with those informations below.
  • Num of recommendation you received from other player
  • Num of escape count
  • Num of reports you received from other player ( you only see number of the reports only )
  • Increased(Decreased) MMR Score
  • Approx game play count per day.
  • The day since server started gathering history data.
  • The day when the report is generated.

Overprime patch note 1.0.5.d

Overall changes

★Range attack-type heroes’ hit detection range doubled. 30->60



  • Q - First Damage 40/70/100/130 -> 60/120/160/200
  • RMB - CDR 8 sec -> 6 sec , Damage 80/140/160/200 -> 100/160/200/240

Bug fixes

  • NPC Jungle minions makes journey to near sector.
  • NPC sticks to tower when passing by.
  • Missing Kill EXP and CP for long range kill
  • NPC and enemy is missing in the minimap.
  • Observer can’t see respawn timer
  • Observer missing HUD in IP match
  • Observer’s blue team kill score is wrong
  • NPC is stuck -> will jump.
  • NPC bypasses front towers.

New Features

  • Can join Tournament/Test server from DNS tab(Only registered personnel only)
  • Observer can see unused card points for each player
  • Anonymous ID mode when drafting
  • Team chat is enabled when drafting
  • Observer can set team names in the tab score board (Num9 key)
  • Observer can select character in center
  • Right click - focus mode
  • Left click - view mode
  • Observer can see selected character’s location in minimap.
  • Tournament mode
  • Rejoining game will load previous gameplay data like hero/level/items/card point. note that to load previous hero and its skill set, there should be no team player playing the hero.

[Server] Improved stability

  • Fixed some bugs to improve server stability.

[Server] Improved Packet handling

  • This also fixed match making isn’t working properly.

[Server] Match Making Supports Spectator

  • This is feature for tournament. but can be used on other situation.

[Server] Improved Tournament Support

  • Tournament player will use in-game match making system specially made for tournament users only.

Overprime patch note 1.0.5.c

Overall changes

★Core resistance when minion is not in range from 85% to 70%


Item Balance

HP Potion - 250 Regen/10sec -> 150 Regen/15sec

MP Potion - 200 Regen/10sec -> 100 Regen/10sec

Munity - Current health damage -> Max health

Bug fixes

  • Spectator gets wrong information from tab scoreboard
  • Can’t select hero when selected one at prepair state and had to wait 100 secs
  • Can’t see for sure who’s turn at draft.

New Features

  • Spectator can toggle NPC(G) / Tower(T) health bar

[Server] S2C Packet Data Compression

  • Reduced size of Server to Client packet by 61%
  • This also means there are less things to deliver than before. so much less time is required to get information from server.
  • Thanks to SC Binary Stream Compression below, S2C packet size is compressed by 88.3% total.

[Server] S&C Binary Stream Compression

  • Addition to Packet Data compression above, also Reduced size of Binary data stream by 70%

[Server/Client] Improved Data Handling

  • This issue happened frequently. had problem with re-assembling serverdata.
  • like, clicking your match history will supposed to show match history, but showing 5 vs 5 player list but without information.

Overprime patch note 1.0.5.b

New Hero

  • Steel

Overall changes

★Base critical damage for all heroes 140% -> 160%

★Hitbox in the crosshair enlarged from 15 to 30. All ranged character will be affected.

★Draft mode is added.

  • Draft mode is only available when 10 players are present.

★Core resistance when minion is not in range from 85% to 70%


R - CDR 30 seconds increase per level  150/130/110


Q - Mana 60 -> 60/70/80/90


R - All Level Shield +200 , Duration 2.5 sec -> 3 , All levels CDR + 10sec


E - Range increased All levels / + 30

Q - Duration 3 sec -> 4 sec

Item Balance

HP Potion - 250 Regen/10sec -> 150 Regen/15sec

MP Potion - 200 Regen/10sec -> 100 Regen/10sec

Munity - Current health damage -> Max health damage , Max Damage 100 -> 60

Commander's Shield - CDR 5 sec -> 1 sec , HP 220 -> 160 , Hp regen 6 ->  3

Wizard's Book - Delete CDR ,  Cost 12 -> 13

Sage's Wand - HP 300 -> 200

Seal of Madness - CDR increased by 5% , Mana regen 1.7 -> 1.4

Svetlana's Zebra - Movement Speed increased by 7% -> 10%, CDR increased by 5%

                              Defence 20 -> 10 , HP 380 -> 250

Frozen Hands - Defence 30 -> 20 , HP 700 -> 500 , Delete Hp regen

Bloodstone - HP 750 -> 600 , Mana regen 3.1 -> 2.8

Jaskole - HP 500 -> 400 , Damage Deflects 15% -> 10% , Defence 25 -> 20, HP regen 5->3

Victory Flag - Defence 15 -> 10 , Mana 400 -> 350

Taegeuk Flag - Hp 450 -> 400 , Penetrate 20 -> 15

Dragon Dropping - Cost 22 -> 25  , HP regen 10 -> 5

Zombie Armor - HP 390 -> 340 , Defence 30 -> 20

Bionic Mace - Penetrate 15 -> 10 , Defence 20 -> 10 , Damage 20 -> 28

Indomitable Helmet - HP regen 5 -> 3

Guardian's Necklace - HP regen 2 -> 1

Health ring - HP regen 3 -> 2

Magical Armor - HP 320 -> 270 , Defence 30 -> 20 , Hp regen 5 -> 3

Lucky Feather - HP regen 7 -> 3 , Cost 22 -> 25

Reflective shield - HP 350 -> 250

Iron Heart - HP 340 -> 240 , Defence 10 -> 5 , UC Resist 35% -> 30%

Phasma's Beads - Hp 220 -> 160 , Defence 10 -> 5

Harp - HP 300 -> 200

Endurance Armor , Spirit Armor - HP 270 -> 240 , Defense 10 -> 5 , Hp regen 5 -> 3

Yingmei Kartel - HP 380 -> 320 , Defence 15 -> 10

Indomitable Helm - HP 120 -> 100

Angel Boots - CDR 160sec -> 240sec


Orb Prime helix BUFF duration 120 sec -> 180 sec

Suppressor regeneration changed to 6 minutes/8 minutes/10 minutes

Bug fixes

  •  Fixed that you were unable to recommend/report player next to you.
  •  Fixed that MMR gap was displayed as ‘%d’
  •  On tooltip about turning on/off MMR Autobalance Mode, added sentence saying MMR will not be calculated if the option is set OFF.
  • Player is not counted correctly from lobby
  • Lobby browser is missing number of empty spectator seat.
  • Pressing empty filter from item browser crash.
  • IP match with observer allow 6th player.
  • Belica’s void bomb crash fix.
  • Fixed to hide pop-up window which can block streamer’s game window capture
  • Go to Settings -> Graphic Options -> Set “Alert window always to top option” to No -> Apply
  • Unable to kill ward under Orb’s ground
  • Prime helix kills ward in 600 range when it is spawned or doing explosive attack.
  • Observer missing HUD
  • Fixed bug where Easter Egg was not activated.
  • Easter Egg does not initialize the CDR on the Time-Backed Bracelet.

Server - Related Changes Below.

■System Stability

  • Improved packet handling method. server had problem with handling large data and there were situations below.
  • Server sometimes didn’t recorded match history and player didn’t see recommendation / report menu on their monitor.
  • With that situation above, MMR also didn’t changed.

■MMR Related

  • Fixed bug MMR still changing on match without autobalance mode. ( This need testing )

Overprime Patch Note v1.0.5.a


Q - Stun duration 1/1.3/1.5/1.7 -> 1/1.1/1.2/1.3


Q - Cooldown increased by 1 second , Damage nerf 100/160/220/280 -> 80/130/180/230

 Fixed an issue that caused the range to become longer when jumping and using skills

E - Damage nerf 90/150/210/270 -> 90/120/150/180

R - Stun Duration 1.5 sec -> 1 sec


RMB - Damage added. Mana cost 100/110/120/130 -> 90/100/110/120

E -  Mana cost 85/90/100/110 -> 60/70/80/90


R - Damage buff 33/47/60/74 ->42/56/70/84


R - Range Distance Buff 680 -> 750

Now press R again to cancel.

E - Cool time adjustment 17/15/13/11 -> 13


R - Ult Range Distance nerf 1000 - > 850


R - Health Regen Stack 6-> 10


Q - Damage nerf 140/240/340/440 -> 130/220/310/400

E - Damage nerf 100/160/200/260 -> 90/130/170/210  Cooltime 8 -> 9/8/7/6

Fixed bouncing range and distance.

RMB - Damage nerf  120/200/260/330 -> 90/160/230/300

R - Last blast damage 333/418/510 -> 250/340/430


E - Damage nerf 100/200/320/380 -> 100/180/260/340

R - Damage nerf 210/380/500 -> 210/330/450 , Cooldown increased by 10 second

Item balance

Angel boots

If used after purchase, it cannot be sold for 8 minutes.

Yimei Book

Cooldown reduction  20% -> 15% , Mana 120 -> 100

Magic Guard's Armor

Cooldown reduction 10% -> 5% , Magical Defense 25 -> 30 , Mana 130 -> 90

Machine conversion stone

Magic Penetration 5 add


skill damage 20% -> 15%


Magic defense 10  -> 15

Victory Flag

10% additional cooldown reduction, Max health removed, Mana 150 -> 400, Cost 23 -> 29

Reduce move speed 20% -> 15% , Aura Distance 1800 -> 1400

Frozen Hands

Health 630 -> 700 , Physical Defense 25 -> 35 ,  Cost 27 -> 31

Aura Distance 1800 -> 1400


Physical Defense 25 -> 20 , Cost 20 -> 21

Dead sword

Reduced movement speed  2 sec -> 1.5 sec, percentage 10% -> 20%

Wizard's book

Magic Penetration 5 add

CoolDown Reduce 3% add

Buddha pistol

Changed to fixed damage


Lifesteal 8% -> 10% , duration 2.5 sec -> 4 sec


Eight new items have been added.

The tower damage method has been changed.

(Continuous hit from tower is powered by 1.35 times per every two hits)

In Game - Hero Changes


  • Now stops movement while casting Q.


  • Now does damage while dashing and overlapping enemy. also gains 1 wolf stack no matter how many enemies are overlapped. you will get wolf stack if you hit enemy heroes. ( not minions and building )


  • Fixed tooltip showing damage of Wild Pursuit as Duration.
  • Now can’t cast travel mode while dashing with RMB skill


  • Fixed ultimate and passive didn’t work if greystone silenced.


  • Now Gideon can cancel ultimate while casting. but canceling is available after gideon complets rising. pressing R will cancel it.
  • Fixed gideon isn’t moving well again after casting ultimate

In Game - System Changes


  • Removed Random damage variations. now grants fixed damage.
  • Removed % Unit on Defence and Magic Defence
  • Removed % Unit on Damage and Magic Pen
  • Removed Max Limitation for Defence and pen ( was 100 )
  • Pure damage will not be affected by skill damage pen now. ( was affected by )


  • Fixed team color goes wrong fix.
  • Fixed crash at pressing profile from menu.
  • Fixed crash when Kallari is at the point of minion spawn.
  • Fixed Prime helix self-destruct when it thinks itself is stuck.
  • Fixed Belica void bomb crash.
  • Kill streak announcement is fixed. But still make everyone happy.
  • Kill streak time changed 30s -> 15s
  • “First blood” will be announced. Unfortunately, someone out of 10 players will feel ashamed.
  • Fixed some notorious minion-stuck points.

In Game - New features


  • User can join the game then choose to become a spectator if host allows.
  • Pressing 1~5 will make spectator stick to blue team 1~5
  • Pressing 6~0 will make the way to red team 1~5
  • F key will toggle focus mode
  • Q/W/Space Bar will ascend/descend.
  • Is not supporting Matchmaking yet.
  • User can adjust popup toast to front when game status has been changed.
  • This toast popup blocks Streamers to capture the window. Disabled will no longer block capturing.
  • Options -> performance
  • Show Sign-up text at the bottom when user is new. (When there’s no save ID)
  • Some items have will have sell-blocked time when it is used.
  • Angel boots will no longer abused, will have 2 mins of sell-block time when user casted it.

Server - Related Changes Below.

■Improved Machine Ban - BETA

  • Server now have ability to machine ban player.
  • We have 2 ways to machine ban player. Perma-ban and period-ban
  • Once player is machine banned, they can’t login into overprime network with their account. and some popup will displayed with ban reason, unban date if period banned.
  • They can’t also login to any other account.
  • They might unplug internet cable to avoid the situation and try to join other lobby via IP Address as anonymous mode. but, Once they join to random normal lobby, they will be kicked out instantly after. since they’re banned from server.
  • Being machine ban doesn’t mean their accounts also banned. it’s different. but we can still ban their accounts to with reasonable reasons.

■Toggleable Auto balance Mode for User Lobby ( Listen Server ) - BETA

  • Now you can ON/OFF Auto balance mode before creating your own user lobby ( listen server ). the option is available at server creation menu.
  • Default is set to ON.
  • Every players on your lobby while waiting other players now will see message on their screen if this feature is set to ON or OFF.
  • Lobby browser will also display if this feature is ON or OFF on its list.
  • With this feature ON, when your lobby starts game with full players or force started, system will shuffle every players to have teams balanced.
  • With this feature, ‘ Change Team ‘ will be pointless since team will be changed again.
  • MMR will be used to determine player’s skill.
  • Auto balance Mode can’t be set ON/OFF while waiting other players.
  • While system shuffling teams, player will have 5 seconds waiting time.
  • Auto balancing Mode will work even if your lobby isn’t full.
  • If game is started with odd number of players, auto balancing mode will add the rest player into team which have low MMR total.
  • Warning. No one knows how the teams going to be shuffled. With this option Enabled, It will be hard to play with your friend as same team.
  • If you want to play draft or with your friend. turn this feature off.
  • This feature shuffle team before game start. once game started, will not work for players joining later.
  • Leaving Game while Game is balancing team will also considered as escape.

■New Recommendation and Report Window - BETA

  • After finishing any game and going back to game lobby, a new window will be displayed showing your team member , enemy team member, and escaped players.
  • You have one chance to recommend team/enemy player.
  • You can’t recommend yourself.
  • You have unlimited change to report team/enemy/escaped players.
  • You can’t report yourself.
  • You can close the window without recommending/reporting players.

■Report System - BETA

  • On Recommendation and report window, you can report team/enemy/escaped players.
  • Basically, We do log every escapers so you don’t actually need to report every escapers saying they escaped.
  • We will have rule to punish bad players.
  • Please do not report falsely. There may be disadvantages.

■Toggleable Ban Pick Mode

  • Ban pick mode is back again!
  • Default is set to ON.
  • This feature can be toggled before creating listen server ( user lobby )
  • This feature is always ON on Dedicated server created by Match Making
  • With this feature ON, people can select heroes to be banned. but only 2 heroes will be banned.
  • Turn this feature OFF when creating listen server if you don’t want this.
  • This feature can’t be turned ON/OFF while waiting other players.
  • Lobby browser will also display if this feature is ON or OFF on its list.


  • Server now have ability to ban specific user accounts permanently , or for specific time. players who trying to login into the account will receive notify popup about that.
  • Server now have ability to change max CP value.
  • Fixed choosing random hero still picking server-banned heroes.
  • Fixed Server not writing match data. need to wait and see if this fixed properly.
  • Fixed that after playing random match, profile shows unsorted match histories. now sorts history by Match ID

■Overall Battle Flow

  • For Listen Servers ( User created lobby ) : User creates server -> waits player -> [lobby is full or force started] -> (if ON) all players are balance sorted and assigned to new team -> (if ON) player selects heroes to be banned -> player selects heroes to play -> battle begin.
  • For Dedicated Servers : Balance Sort and ban pick is always set ON.

■Login Menu

  • Fixed ID Changer’s z-order. it was behind of login window so player was unable to interact it.

■Profile Reset

  • MMR , Escape Count are reset to default.

■MMR Calculation

  • Changed the way how we calculate MMR. we are not sharing the way how we calculate MMR.
  • Playing and Finishing game alone will not affect to MMR now.

■Hero Selection Rank Browser

  • Reset Data of hero selection data and managed browser to show datetime since the data reset. We are going to reset selection data periodically.

■User Profile Browser

  • Browsing user who is banned will have sign showing the account is banned.

■User Lobby

  • Fixed Max player limitation isn’t set by value you set while creating listen server.

■In Game Escape Detection

  • Fixed bug that leaving from game while waiting state ( waiting others to join lobby ) also considered escaped
  • For listen server ( user lobby ) , if it gets full players after some people escaped. escaper data will be cleared. see below.
  • All examples below was case before this patch.
  • 1. Imagine random user lobby with full ( 10 ) players.
  • 2. Player A left the game and now server contains 9 players and 1 escaper.
  • 3. new Player B, joined the game. and now server contains 10 players and 1 escaper.
  • 4. and now the game finishes, the player A who escaped this game. still gets escape count increased and penalty. even the server is full of players.
  • All examples below is new case after this patch.
  • 1. Imagine random user lobby with full ( 10 ) players.
  • 2. Player A left the game and now server contains 9 players and 1 escaper.
  • 3. new Player B, joined the game. and now server contains 10 players. and now player A will not be considered they escaped.
  • 4. if the game finishes with additional escapers, no one including ‘A’ will get escape count.
  • 5. But if the new Player B Escaped the game. B will be escapers. A will not be escapers since B covered A’s place.

■In Game Escape Detection

  • Special thanks to
  • Spanish translation : xameet
  • Russian translation : Nightship
  • Chinese translation : Remote_LU

Overprime Patch Note v1.0.5

Hero Update

  • Added Grux


■ Gidon

  • R // Cast distance 800 -> 680

■ Sparrow

  • R // Damage Increase 20%/35%/50% -> 20%/30%/40%

■ Greystone

  • R // Resurrection scope 600 -> 1000

■ Khaimera

  • RMB // Cooldown 6 sec -> 5 sec
  • E // Increased health regen per level by 0.3

■ Twinblast

  • Q // All level damage 20 nerf

■ Rampage

  • R // All level Health 200 increase

■ Boris

  • Q // Cooldown 10 sec -> 7 sec
  • E // Increased duration, movement speed, and health regen

■ Countess

  • R // Fixed to non-targeting

Item Balance

■ Shovel

  • Damage 4 -> 5

■ Guardian’s Ring

  • MaxHealth 50 -> 70

■ Guardian’s Necklace

  • Magic Defense 10% -> 5%
  • Add Health regen 2.0
  • Add Mana regen 0.2

■ Indomitable Helm

  • Attack speed 2% -> 6%

■ Cranky Charge

  • Health regen 6 -> 5

■ Shield of Shui

  • Damage 6 -> 8
  • Critical 4% -> 10%

■ Blood Token

  • Damage 4 -> 6
  • Lifesteal 2% -> 4%

■ Karna Sword -> Mirmidion Sword

  • Damage 12 -> 18

■ Asura

  • Attack speed 5% -> 10%

■ Pancakes

  • Damage 16 -> 12
  • Lifesteal 4% -> 10%

■ Fortified Amulet

  • Health 200 -> 240

■ Spirit Armor

  • Health regen 6 -> 5
  • Add mana regen 0.2

■ Battle hammer

  • Health 70 -> 140

■ Poison Sword

  • Damage 17 -> 23
  • Cost 16 -> 17

■ Sage wand

  • Health 150 -> 300

■ Dread Sword

  • Damage 15 -> 10

■ Phasma's beads

  • Health 180 -> 220
  • Defence 4% -> 10%

■ Sword of the Dead

  • Critical 5% -> 10%
  • Damage 17 -> 23
  • Cost 18 -> 20

■ Soul Sword

  • Damage 17 -> 21
  • Add Health 160

■ Reflection Shield

  • Health 250 -> 350
  • Duration 3 sec -> 5 sec
  • Damage reflect 50% -> 60%

■ Dragon Droping

  • Health 480 -> 440
  • Cost 24 -> 22

■ Munity

  • Damage 22 -> 24

■ Cherry Temper

  • Damage 23 -> 29
  • Critical 14% -> 30%
  • Critical Damage 8% -> 15%

■ Yingmei kartel

  • Health 300 -> 380
  • Mana 100 -> 120

■ Nuclear Bomb

  • Damage 42 -> 41
  • Physical Damage pen 15% -> 20%
  • Cost 32 -> 31

■ Bloodmordius

  • Life Steal 6% -> 8%
  • Damage 14 -> 20
  • Health 200 -> 240

■ Shining Star

  • Attack Speed 45% -> 50%
  • Damage 12 -> 18

■ Strafe

  • Damage 34 -> 30
  • Magic Defense 15 -> 10

In Game - Related Changes Below.

■Bug Fixes

  • Fixed that Player was able to select target behind you on target selection mode.
  • NPC agro fix both jungle and lane minions. It will pursuit 3 secs if there is no hit/attack update with current target.
  • Grux attack sound for everyone is fixed.
  • Can no longer select banned heroes from hero browser.
  • Kill announce is corrected.
  • Shadow plane bug fix.
  • Fixed jittery character motion blending when character is about to stop.
  • Core now attack any enemy in its range.
  • NPC will ignore hidden enemies.
  • Murdock will no longer shout like shinbi.
  • The attack sound is no longer heard as a global sound of Sevarog.
  • The 'Song of my people' is no longer heard as a global sound of Narbash.
  • Shield of Grim EXE will only cover enemy attack damage and stun when it’s active.
  • Howitzer will no longer kick other players in game by crash.

Patch - Related Changes Below.

■New features

  • Updated to Launcher v0.1
  • Supports partial download. (100MB chunks)
  • Supports manual patch
  • Supports Whitelist/Blacklist

Server - Related Changes Below.

■Live State for Discord ( BETA )

  • Live State for discord is now available!
  • #live-state channel on our overprime discord is where this happens.
  • This feature synchronizes server state to discord channel for every 30 seconds to make people to know our master server state, without launching game. those informations are available on discord channel..
  • 1. Num Players in MatchMaking Queue.
  • 2. List of User-Created Game lobbies. including how many players in there.
  • 3. Newest version code of client to know if you running newest client or not.

■Lobby Browser

  • Tried to fix client can’t get latency. This requires testing.
  • Fixed that screen freezes as soon as you open lobby browser.
  • Fixed that latency to another lobby is displayed in decimal units.
  • Lobby Browser now shows lobby state. now players know if the lobby is waiting other players , picking heroes , or in battle.
  • elapsed time will be displayed in 2 way
  • if lobby isn’t in battle, shows time since the lobby created.
  • if lobby is in battle, shows time since battle began.

■Main Lobby

  • Now updates Event Tracker Data ( like, online users and num match played ) will be updated if you back to lobby after finishing some match.
  • Event Tracker Data now shows Number of Users In MatchMaking Now.
  • After coming back to lobby after finish some random match, client detects if your rank is changed. if changed, shows popup contains some detail.
  • Fixed Hero Pick analysis feature didn’t work on hero browser.
  • Fixed that notify message didn’t show up as soon as someone recommends you after match is finished.  This requires testing.

■User Profile Browser

  • Fixed that browsing other player’s match history says they’re all defeated.
  • Now shows Rank Icon on profile browser.

■Match Browser

  • Browsing Match History will also show escapers ( who disconnected game ) on scoreboard as well. see below ( This requires testing. )
  • Escapers will be recorded on match played on client version 1.0.4.a or higher.
  • Escapers will have ‘ ESCAPED ‘ text on their Nickname.
  • Match History that played on old client ( older than 1.0.4.a ) won’t display escapers.
  • Only match played on Dedicated Servers ( created by MatchMaking Feature ) will record escapers on match history, listen server will NOT even on 1.0.4.a or higher.

■Community Level / MMR Rank Browser

  • Fixed Nickname , level and mmr isn’t displayed properly.
  • Now shows Rank Icon on profile browser.
  • Now shows your Community / MMR Ranking and percentage on ranking browser.


  • Fixed that choosing random hero on game lobby can choose server-banned heroes.
  • Fixed that sometimes rejoining dedicated server match didn’t worked.
  • Now checks version code if you running newest client. also letting you by showing some message on lobby screen if you running old client.
  • Changed timing sending match result to server. It had 7 seconds delay before, and now it just sends the data to server as soon as the core is destroyed.
  • Fixed Client leaking memory while communicating master server
  • Dedicated Server : Now kicks player who isn’t listed on pre-set player list when the player try to join the dedicated server. ( actually, player should not be able to join dedicated server on their own. this is unusual case. )
  • Added new feature : Once you join dedicated server match by MatchMaking, You can’t do things below until the match is finished. and popup will be displayed to force you to join the match you played before.
  • Joining another server by lobby browser / IP connection
  • Creating your own listen server
  • doing another MatchMaking.

■MatchMaking Restrictions

  • Not Accepting matched queue will restrict player not to be able to find new matchmaking queue for 1 minute.
  • Escaping from game will restrict player not to be able to find new matchmaking queue for 10 minute.

■MatchMaking Coordinator

  • Playing old version client will not allow you to find matchmaking queue.
  • Changed time waiting other players to accept matchmaking queue to 20 seconds. it was 10 seconds before.  This requires testing.
  • After Coordinator find matching, it will sort the group again to balance the team as much as possible. this also works on normal match. see below again.
  • Usually, Ranked Match do find users have similar skills, but currently we got ranked match disabled since there are no big player pool. normal mode just gather players without condition and make group. before this update, team can be made very unbalanced according to circumstances. like, team 1 can have lot of skilled player and team 2 can have lot of beginners. but after this update, the Coordinator will sort them to have balanced team. MMR will be used to determine players skill.  This requires testing.

■Escape Penalty

  • Once you join any match, you need to play it until it finishes.
  • After leaving the match over 5 minutes, it will be considered as you escaped ( gave up ) the match.
  • If game finishes ( as soon as core is destroyed ) , system will find players missing and consider they escaped the match. not related to how much longer they missing.
  • Escaping game will be considered as you were defeated the game. even if your team won. also adding escape count on your profile.
  • Escaping from game will restrict you searching matchmaking queue for 10 minutes. this plan might be changed by circumstances.

■Master Server

  • Fixed that if you login into your account which has already logged in another game client, the client didn’t terminate itself automatically.
  • Fixed that sometimes player redirected into wrong match which isn’t related with.
  • Changed the way how we calculate MMR.
  • Got ability to ban items on servers. restricting players buying items that have serious bugs.
  • Improved Session handling method. Resultantly, Expecting ‘ Online User Count ‘ on lobby screen displaying wrong number value and lobby browser displaying disconnected user’s lobby.
  • Now sends your updated profile data after you finish your match. expecting your profile will show your changed MMR,old match logs, and other things.( you had to reboot your game to see updated profile before this update. ) This requires testing.

■Very Important things changed in this version and things you should know

  • lot of players leaves game before their core is destroyed. Don’t do this. You will lose much more MMR , get escape counting increased, and will get restrict so you can’t find matchmaking queue for 10 minutes. plus, escaping game will be counted as you lose. even if your team is about to victory, will be considered as you lose. it is better to accept the fact your team lose. leaving will make things more worse.