Please be aware that Over Prime is currently in beginning stages of development.
As such you may experience glitches and come across features that are not yet finished.
Our small Korean dev team has a long journey ahead of us to get the game polished and ready, but we will never give up as long as join us on this journey.
  • Hero_Belica_C
  • Hero_Murdok_C
  • Hero_Gideon_C
  • Hero_Twinblast_C
  • Hero_Kwang_C
  • Hero_Countess_C
  • Hero_FengMao_C
  • Hero_TheFey_C
  • Hero_Rampage_C
  • Hero_Kallari_C
  • Hero_Sparrow_C
  • Hero_Narbash_C
  • Hero_Greystone_C
  • Hero_Khaimera_C
  • Hero_Muriel_C
  • Hero_Sevarog_C
  • Hero_Howitzer_C
  • Hero_Serath_C
  • Hero_GrimEXE_C
  • Hero_Boris_C